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Of course the longer it takes the professional to apply the extensions, the more expensive the final cost.Although the minority of first time hair extension wearers may find the glue to feel stiff, compared to other methods of hair extension attachment, fusion hair wearers generally feel the glue is unnoticeable after the first day or so after the installation.

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A lot of factors come into play regarding the final cost of all types of extensions.While it's true many hair consumers and professionals prefer fusion style extensions to other methods, this is not 100% true across the board.Some professionals and consumers do prefer other methods to the fusion style for a number of reasons which can range from ease of application to potential damage to the natural hair.I have also spent a lot of time talking with celebrity hairdresser Barbara Lhotan who has worked for hair extensions for many years and took some of the very initial Great Lengths hair extension training.Barbara continues to utilize Great Lengths systems even many years later due to her appreciation of the quality and consistency of the hair and tools offered by Great Lengths There are a long list of competitors in the professional hair extension market to the Great Lengths systems.Cold fusion was introduced as an alternative to hot fusion with the idea that cold fusion is a kinder, gentler form of fusing extension hair to base hair.

Depending on which hair extension expert you speak to, there are a vast number of opinions about which type of fusion is best.

The primary cost of any type of extensions, fusion or other, is the extension hair used and the amount of time required to attach the hair.

Therefore, to say that fusion hair extensions are the most expensive without addressing the type of hair used and the amount of time required is a fallacy.

Although fusion hair extensions, with proper installation and maintenance may last up to three months, other types of extensions may also last as long, if not longer than fusion.

There are many variables which determine the amount of time any type of extensions will survive.

Some of the competitors are excellent, some may not be as superior.