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Some wear it to support their breasts, others to look more feminine and sexy.

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These bras have a metal wire coated in plastic, which is constantly stimulating and triggering tissue under the bra.No clinical studies were conducted to support their research, and the authors didn’t consider other differences between people included in the research, such as diet, exercise, stress and life style.Also, women who tend to not wear a bra, usually have smaller breasts and are more petit, which carries a smaller risk for breast cancer in the first place.There are two important neuro-lymphatic reflex points beneath your breasts – one corresponding to your liver and gallbladder, and one leading to your stomach.If these points get constantly stimulated, they eventually stop responding to stimulation and become desensitized.The discomfort bras can cause doesn’t interest society that much.

Many women, and some of my friends included, can’t wait to undo their bras and feel free again.

What’s more, applying pressure to an area of the body does not make normal cells become cancerous. – The anti-bra camp hits back and cites a book called wear bras have a much lower risk of breast cancer.

The risk increases if you wear a bra for long periods of time, for example 24 hours a day.

That study claimed that pre-menopausal women who did not wear bras had half the risk of breast cancer compared with bra users.

Also, there has been a Japanese study, which found that wearing a bra lowers your levels of melatonin.

So when I first read that not wearing a bra can actually be beneficial for your health and told them about it, they welcomed the news with enthusiasm.